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Chimney Leaks

One of the most frustrating problems for a homeowner to endure. Most people do not understand where a chimney is leaking from. Whether a chimney is leaking at the base or flashing or at the top chase water damage can be very expensive. It can cause damage to the shingles, attic, insulation, and drywall/plaster ceilings. Give us a call to check on your chimney to ensure it is not leaking anywhere.

We have actually had clients call us to tell us that their ceiling had collapsed due to water coming in thru the chase pan at the top of the chimney. Builders initially cut holes to allow the chimney or chimney’s to pass through and simply put caulking around to prevent water from coming in, when was the last time you checked your caulking.

Step-by-step repair (Click photos to enlarge)

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