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Chimney Inspection

The National Fire Code of Canada

Section (1) “Every Chimney, flue and flue pipe shall be inspected to indentify any dangerous condition annually, at the time of addition of any appliance, and after any chimney fire”

The inspection of chimney’s is an important service offered by Top Gun Chimney Service. Chimney inspections come in many forms and you should be aware that not all inspections are alike. At Top Gun, we follow the recommendations of the National Fire Code of Canada.

Chimney’s need to be inspected from the bottom and from the roof. As not all chimneys are straight it is impossible to see past the offset and a proper inspection cannot be performed. When looking down the chimney we are checking the liner joints, both vertical and horizontal. If we see any warping or buckling this is a concern. This can indicate extreme temperature, chimney fire or water damage. If a chimney is compromised in any way it can cause serious damage to your home. It is vital to your home’s maintenance to have the chimney checked for problems.

At Top Gun Chimney Service we proved a full
15 Point Inspection of the Chimney.

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Frequency of Inspection

The National Fire Code of Canada recommends that all chimneys, fireplaces and vents be inspected annually. In addition to this requirement, there are other times when chimney and venting systems should be inspected, such as:

  • After any unusual, or sudden occurrence event, such as a chimney fire, lightning strike, or earthquake
  • Prior to purchasing a home with an existing chimney
  • Whenever changes are made to a chimney or vent system, including replacement of connected appliances
  • Prior to major system repairs

Video Scanning

A video scan is where we use a camera system which is lowered into the chimney (or pushed up from the bottom). The camera allows us to inspect the chimney from a range of just a few inches instead of just looking from the top or bottom. The camera image is viewed on a TV monitor by the inspector. Video inspections may be recommended if the customer or sweep suspect certain problems. Video inspections are often recommended after a chimney fire or some other form of damage to a chimney.


You should be aware that even the most thorough inspection will not reveal all problems. Some areas of a chimney simply are not assessable due to construction of the house. Be sure to discuss any specific concerns with your sweep. The recommended inspection technique will often be based on your comments and concerns. This works similar to a visit to your doctor. Your doctor probably doesn’t do an EKG and take a full set of X-rays during every visit. However, if you tell the doctor you have chest pains he will perform the tests related to that problem.

Chimney problems can cause illness and even loss of lives.
It’s happened thousands of times – illness, even death, from carbon monoxide or sulfur dioxide poisoning. With deterioration of the flue, the deadly gases can find their way into your home through even the smallest cracks.

In severe cases, the chimney erosion will lead to partial or complete internal collapse, blocking the flue and sending these poisonous gases into the home.

But fortunately, the problems of a deteriorating gas or oil furnace flue can be corrected without completely rebuilding your chimney.

Condo Fireplace Inspections

NO. 150 / 2004

Heating System – Wood Burning Fireplaces

Labels are to be …
In a visible location in the vicinity of the appliance or in the case of a Condominium Corporation labels may be filed with the Property Management firm for the Condominium Corporation.

Chimney’s and Fireplaces must be inspected on a annual basis and labels must be completed….

Immediately following annual test and inspection (see Manitoba Fire Code article

Step-by-step repair (Click photos to enlarge)

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